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Computer-assisted telephone interviewing ( CATI )

At Satya Market Research Solutions, we make Computer-assisted telephone interviewing research easy with technology tools at your fingertips. We conduct OBBs, online discussion forums, phone calls, live chat, webcam interaction, blogs effectively. These engaging online formats lead to richer and more insightful research.

A computerized questionnaire is administered to respondents over the telephone.
The interviewer sits in front of a computer screen
Upon command, the computer dials the telephone number to be called.
When contact is made, the interviewer reads the questions posed on the computer screen and records the respondent’s answers directly into the computer.
Interim and update reports can be compiled instantaneously, as the data are being collected.
CATI software has built-in logic, which also enhances data accuracy.
The program will personalize questions and control for logically incorrect answers, such as percentage answers that do not add up to 100 percent.
The software has built-in branching logic, which will skip questions that are not applicable or will probe for more detail when warranted.




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